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Stress Free Retirement

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Tax-Free Retirement Insiders

When it comes to income planning for your clients, taxes can become a major threat if not properly addressed. We’re offering you one completely FREE book that positions you as the subject-matter expert on tax planning for retirement. Select one book from the options below and we’ll send it to you at no cost!

Tax-Free Retirement 10th Anniversary Edition

The book that changed everything! This is Patrick Kelly’s runaway Bestseller and is just as relevant today as it was the day it was published. (Maybe even more so.) Find out how it truly IS POSSIBLE TO ACCUMULATE MONEY THAT CAN BE ACCESSED TAX-FREE …but only if it is done properly. This fun-to-read book reveals exactly how this concept works and should be required reading for every American.

Stress-Free Retirement

In Stress-Free Retirement, National Best-Selling Author, Patrick Kelly, shows today’s current (and potential) retiree how to eliminate the pain and hassles of the investment landscape. It will show you how to:

  • Protect your life’s savings against loss.
  • An income stream you cannot outlive.
  • Receive uncapped upside gain potential with zero risk of loss.
  • Stop paying annual management fees to stockbrokers and money managers.

The Retirement Miracle

The Retirement Miracle provides an entirely new and in-depth look at one of today’s strongest financial products. It will show you how to:

  • Grow your money with zero market risk
  • Access your retirement dollars tax-free
  • Leave an income-tax-free inheritance to your heirs
  • And much, much more

The Life Insurance Dilemma

With all the self-serving dialog in the marketplace about whether an individual should by term life insurance or cash value life insurance, have you ever wondered which one is really the correct choice? In this short book, Patrick Kelly, in his trademark manner of taking complicated subjects and making them both fun to read and simple to understand, gives great insight into that answer. And his answer is BOTH are best – it simply depends on your particular situation. In The Life Insurance Dilemma Patrick walks you through a wonderful analogy to help you think in practical terms which one is the best for YOU. If you’re in the market to purchase life insurance – of any variety – don’t do so without reading this first.

The Five Retirement Myths

In this short but hard-hitting book, Patrick debunks five common retirement myths that can destroy your retirement success.

1. Buy and hold always wins
2. You can’t make big returns without taking big risks
3. Average returns tell an accurate story
4. You can effectively manage your own portfolio
5. If something is really that good, everyone would be doing it.

Seven Secrets to Happy Retirement

One reviewer wrote, “This is Patrick’s most significant and life-changing book to date.” Secrets #1-#6 show your clients how to live the richest and most meaningful retirement possible … HOWEVER… they are only fully made possible by Secret #7 – Financial Autopilot Help your clients experience Financial Autopilot and add depth & quality to their golden years.