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Small Group

Small Group Insurance Benefits is our Business!

Are your Small Group Insurance Benefits getting the attention from your insurance broker they deserve or do you feel like you are just a number?

We are a small business, love small businesses and we get it.

Therefore, time is taken to understand your business and its employees. Whether you are a group of 2 or 100, your small business is going to get the attention you want and deserve. That is what we do every day!

Ultimately, the most important part of any business is the people that make it run smoothly, so why not do your best to protect them? A dependable group health plan can make sure your employees are taken care of when they get sick, so they can be back and ready to go first thing Monday morning.

Here’s what some of our clients have to say:

“When I pick up the phone I get my broker. When I need an answer to a question I get it quickly and I never get put on hold!” – Lisa

“We have been working with Matt for over 10 years. He has never treated us like a small company. In fact, he drives across the state personally for our enrollment and we are only a group of 12.” – Robin

“No matter how silly I might think the question is, Matt makes sure I understand the answer. Our group used to be with one of the BIG brokers and I never got this kind of attention.” – Ron